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« Back to Blonde Blonde Jokes 5 « Previous Blonde Joke. Blonde Questions and Answers. Q: What do you call a basement full of blondes? A: A wine cellar.

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Dumb Blonde Bombshell *sigh* It must be hard to be curvy, gorgeous, AND blonde. Yes, you’re constantly dealing with men competing for your attention, but you

see if you have a blonde mentality. Related Quizzes . What Legally Blonde Character Are You? How Blonde Are You? What Color Should Your Hair Be?! Questions and

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Oct 19, 2007 · As a blonde I like all of them except the second one, it is very poor taste. Here is another: Q: Do you know why blondes have more fun? A: Because we are

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Dec 31, 2008 · Well, blonde moment questions you would ask would be something along this line: If you already know the person’s name that you are talking to, but have to

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