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There’s a type of cyst you can get at the bottom of your tailbone, or coccyx. It’s called a pilonidal cyst, and it can become infected and filled with pus.

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Epidemiology Anal duct/gland cysts. Kulayat et al reported that three out of 97 anal duct cyst cases had perianal involvement. [2] However, these cysts occur more

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Skin Pictures – Can you identify these conditions? A pilonidal cyst is a unique kind of abscess that occurs in or above the crease of the buttocks.

Jun 12, 2013 · This is a slide show of pictures from surgery. The contents are not intended for audiences. Pictures include: laparoscopic colectomy, anal fissure

An anal abscess is a painful condition in which a collection of pus develops near the anus. Most anal abscesses are a result of infection from small anal glands.

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Nov 01, 2015 · Kulayat et al reported that three out of 97 anal duct cyst cases had Only in rare cases is inpatient care necessary for the management of perianal cysts.

Common Anorectal Conditions: Part II. Anal cancers are staged and treated differently from rectal cancers and have a distinct biologic behavior.

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Read about anal abscess, and who is more likely to develop anal abscesses, such as those with diabetes, AIDS/HIV, Crohn’s disease, or those on medications such as

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