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Welcome to Small Market Meetings Conference. When it comes to meeting destinations, think small for big results! Small Market Meetings Conference is a national

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Why do some small groups grow and multiply and others don’t? Is there some activity or set of activities a small-group leader can do to increase the probability of

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Small group meetings are Sunday, August 14, through Monday, August 15, 2016, in assigned rooms. The 2016 Welcome Week Schedule will be released in early June.

Small groups to us means 6-25 rooms at one of our 60+ boutique hotels across the nation. Think room packages for corporate groups and off-sites, weddings, family 40 Icebreakers for Small Groups 2 Why icebreakers? Icebreakers can play an important role in helping people integrate and

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Inspiring life-changing community in your church by providing everything small group leaders need.

Top 10 Ideas for a Great First Group Meeting. By. Mark Howell – March 13, 2013. Any time you’re starting a new small group, a great first meeting is very important.

Search for Bible Studies and/or check the boxes of interest below to find ideas for your next small group meeting:

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The Excelsior House Hotel is the perfect gathering place for productive meetings of small business groups, boards, directors, planners and managers.

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